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Yes, it will get better. Try not to worry too much about the nodules. I know, easier said than done. When I was told about mine, it scared the living c*** outta me. Now, I just figure it either went away on it's own or probably isn't cancerous if I've had it this long and nothing further has happend.

I know about the down part. I get down a lot too. I try not to stay there though cause it's so counter-productive to getting well. A positive outlook is what's kept me going for so long. I've got a very long story. Sometimes I cry but I find laughing makes me feel a lot better about it.

You take care now and keep posting. I know some of these other guys around here will wake up eventually. Try it on a Monday or Tuesday. Seems really busy on those days. Wonder why? :D


yes i have some depression with my thyriods too but its getting better iam on 50 mg of zoloft for depression along with panic attacks and agrophobia plus i have had some falling down spells can thyriod levels being so low cause this or do you know its been happening alot i went the other day for a cat scan and i was allmost having a panic attack the lady had to stand by me and hold my hand till i through it the dr is checking my stomach and pelvic cause my stomach hurts alot and last yr 2006 i had a ovary removed so hes checking to make sure nothing is wrong on exam he didnt feel nothing inlarged.
[QUOTE=accessn12;2814724]vickie, I do believe low thyroid hormone levels probably could cause falling down episodes. High levels do too. When your homone levels are off nothing works quite right. Out of whack levels can also cause extreme anxiety. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

chathamdb, See. I told you the others would be waking up soon. :) Let's keep this thread near the top and you'll see a lot more people too. Take care.


well got my tsh result today its still the same as it was 6 weeks ago the furst time it was 8.45 then it was 6.25 went back to lab 6 weeks later its still the same i called i forget what he said about my tt3 and tt4 but im getting a copy in the mail so when it comes i will post it also does dizzinesss be a cause from my thyriods also cause i was ok but today im a little dizzy i stopped my zoloft but i was only on them for 2 mos of 50 mg and the dr said it wouldnt cause dizziness if i stop and i stopped taking them last week..
well the chest discomfort dont happen daily just ever so often i had my heart checked a yr ago and had a stress test done everything was perfect then went to er cause i kept falling down they checked my heart said it was fine i go to my gyn tomorrow for my lab test and my catscan of my pelvic and stomach where my chest hurts is right in the middle just below my breast .im still dizzy today i go to my dr tomorrow and to the nerology the 7th .could stopping my zoloft cause the dizziness i dont think it is that because i was dizzy even before and i stopped taking the 50 mg zoloft last week if it is that how would i ween off would i take like one every other day till they are gone or what i dont want to take anymore anti depressents because i feel its been my thyriods all along .i do feel better at times and i have bad days as well .i know this is a slow process but if i start to feel good again its worth the wait.i dont feel bad bad dizzy just slightly dizzy and my chest i think its more my breasts cause they do hurt alot and in between on top where the breast bone is .but i think it could be more aniety maybe .and am i alloud to take a painpill otc in the am 1 hr after taking my thyriod meds? so is going from 8.1 to .89 better or worse i will get my t4 today and i will post that .and also will i feel alittle better once he upps my dose? im new to this i think to myself whats next to go wrong first my ovary now this what depresses me the most is before jan 2006 i got my kids up at 6am cleaned house by 9am went to tanning bed every morning took a shower and went to work and on my days off i went places without being scared .im 44 and i allways have this feeling that im going to die for some reason .i think im heathy they have checked my lungs and they are fine they say my heart is fine i dont get out of breath walking upstairs or from exercise which i havent started yet but iam a smoker and i wish to quit but its very hard exspecially when im home all day long .:) oh and i was only on 50 mg zoloft for 2 mos but was on effexor xr 75 mg for 8 mos but i took them for 1 month along with zoloft then stopped the effexors then i felt zoloft wasnt working so i just stopped taking them last week.