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[QUOTE=Red Maple;2823582]Vicki, cytomel is a thyroid hormone called T3. Some people need to take both T4 (synthroid, levoxyl etc.) and T3 in the form of cytomel. There are combination medications like Armour or Thyrolar that contain both T4 and T3. Some people do well on the combination medications, others do better taking them separately.

thank you i had never heard of it i take thyriod meds like you but genaric 25 mg and its strange but last night i just couldnt stop cleaning i was depressed earlier in the day but im ok now i stopped taking my zoloft i dont like anti depressents anyway i do take xanax and i am so hoping i can get where i wont need them as much . i woke up today feeling great so maybe iam going to start feeling better soon.and get back to being myself.:angel: