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I just stopped Wellbutrin XL 2 days ago.........I could not sleep......infact I have not yet(how long does it stay in your system) other than about an hour and half with tylenol PM. It was pretty much my last one to try..........What do I do now?? I can not live so depressed and axnious? I noticed being really snappy and down today AGAIN!
Lamictal was my all time favorite for mood but I was sooooooooo dizzy all day long! Tried every SSRI Zoloft,paxil,celexa,prozac.serzone,neurontin,Cymbalta,Effexor been there.........either got more depressed or panic attacks or dizzy 24/7..........so what am I to do? I go to a wonderful counsler every week but I know I need something to keep me stable........anyone on anything else that helps them or suggestions??

Don't give up hope!There has to be something you can take.I am close to being in the same boat you are.I have tried Zoloft, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Paxil, Effexor,Cymbalt,Zanax,Ativan,and am now trying Prozac.I know you said you tried it but did you try the generic or name brand?It REALLY does make a difference.I can not take the generic.I cried to my doctor last week about what I was going to do if the Prozac didn't work.He said there are alot of older meds that are great.He said Buspar but I can't remember the others.I have horrible side effects with almost all of the meds myself.I am tolerating the Prozac with a little stomach problems that I can handle.What did the Prozac do when you took it?Maybe you started out on too high a dose.Don't look up the side effects before you take them only after they develop.I scare myself into not trying them sometimes.I have tried almost all of the above meds more than once and the side effects are real.I know how you feel.Maybe medicine is not the answer for you.I personally think I will have to have some to cope at least for a while.My anxiety/depression has been passed down from my grandmother on my mother's side and my father.I have been reading books on the subject to learn coping methods,but I still think the meds will help me get it under control.Do a search for depression meds and see what you can find.Write them all down without looking at side effects and talk to your doctor about trying them.You will find one that will work for you.I wish you luck and keep us posted on here.:)