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hi everyone my story goes like this in jan 2006 i had my ovary and tube removed 2 weeks later i ened up at er cause i had a bad panic attack i was home alone i got scared so i called 911 before my surgery i had nothing wrong i was very active i was working i tanned i did everything well after that attack i was home alone and terrifed i thought for sure i was going to die well the next day after i left er i went to my gp he was good he tested my thyriolds it was 2 something and he checked my hormones it said i was in full menopause but the surgery did that ,he put me on xanax 1 mg he tried me on zoloft but i got a bad reaction from them so i got scared and said nomore anti d's ok that was feb i was picking my daughter up from school oneday and as i was sitting outside waiting on her i allmost passed out i pray oh god please let me get home safe ,so after that i stayed home never left for anything called drs office daily i was so terrifed and called hubby begging him to please come home ,well in may i went to walmart with my kids i thought i needed to get out of the house well i was only in there 5 mins then all of a sudden out of the blue i couldnt breath i got really really scared i told my 10 yr i had to get out of the store FAST i never made it i started crying nonstop for over a hr my face got beat red i allmost passed out my b/p was 206/112 heartrate was 160 they couldnt get a pause at all i couldnt walk my hubby took me home they told me it was a panic attack well the dr i saw in feb wanted me to come back in 4 mos to be retested on thyriolds and hormones well he had left the practice and went someplace else the new dr refused me over and over so from may till dec i suffered with thyriold i slept 24/7 deep depression hair was coming out i felt like id rather die then live this way and i even had family history of this but he still refused to test me in sept i started having fainting spells he said it was high aneity and i think he thought i was crazy well i was i felt like dieing so in dec i finally went in after begging him many many time to please check my thyriolds and hormones i was more concerned about the thyriolds though he still wouldnt in may he stuck me on effexor xr 75 mg i kept telling him they were not working at first i thought it was the effexor making me feel like this so in dec i told him id rather die and believe me i meant it i felt so horrible i thought dealth would be a relieve for me ,so he sent me to a psychiatrist and hes the one who found out my tsh was 8.45 i then went back to my gp just till i could find a new dr he put me levothyroxine 25mcgs for 6 weeks i went to my gyn and week 7 and 8 i took 2 pills of the 25's my tsh went down to 6.28 then i saw another dr just 1 time my tsh was 2.58 then i found the one im seeing now hes very good but for some reason my tsh went from 2.58 back up to 7.11 why does this happen im now on the 75mcgs im feeling somewhat ok but i still get tired and not alot of energy and im very crabby ALOT.. also i wrote a letter to the attorney generals office for what that first dr did by refusing to test my thyriolds i heard that if a patient ask for a certain test the dr should run it for them and if he had run the tests he would have knew why i felt like i did my recent hormones are back to normal im not in menopause my body had just went through shock and as for my thyriolds i dont know why they went back up and when mine said 2.58 i sure didnt feel good even though the old dr i saw 1 time said i was within range,but im praying all of us on this board gets better my sister has had this for 13 yrs now i also have 2 brothers with it me and my sister are hypo my brothers are hyper .
god bless you all and lets keep the faith its hard though believe me when we are sick we cant do anything at all and im going through being crabby about everything i snapp at everyone for no reason and i hate that but its cause i feel so bad ...........vic