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I agree with the sounds from stopping meds. I think it was Zoloft for me. Didn;t really think about that until hating glasses said something about it.

Mine was more like the seashell to your ear sound.
Zoloft is a depression med too right? Something to raise the Seratonin? Every way that I have heard people on this board discribe that weirdness explains it well. It was like a seashell to the ear noise. I would always say it was sort of like sloshing of liquids inside my brain or skull. Some have said it was like a brain zap. I would just imagine that it was my Seratonin as a liquid chemical lowering. So weird.

Having seen that other people had a similar experience has been a comfort even though it was years ago for me.
yes, Zoloft is an SSRI depression med.

Yes, withdrawal symptoms were very overwhelming. Looking back, I am actually bothered by the fact I was still driving while having these feelings. I probably should not have been. Not a good feeling.


CBB; I would like to add that my comment about an inner ear problem is not neccessarly referring to an infection, although not ruling it out either. The inner ear causes some very odd and unique symptoms when things go awry. The hairs in the inner ear when damaged or just simply not acting correctly cause some folks to "hear" things that aren't really there. That was more the intent of my original posts direction.