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I have gained nearly 15-20 pounds since April. I am so upset! At first I didn't know what the heck was going on. I didn't think I was overeating, especially not so much to gain that significant amount in such a short time. I mean, sure at night I might over snack, but my intake during the day is within normal limits ( I eat less than 500 cals for lunch and dinner with two snacks-no breakfast, that is what my lunch is. I typically get up around noon to two pm) I work eves, so I get to bed around two am. I am almost constantly moving at work , have even made changes to make me do extra walking at work. I had toned up pretty good on my bike, but then quit riding (recumbant). But, when i would get home, I would often times clean too. SO, anyway, i noticed my weight was starting to creep up and when I saw I weighed nearly 160 i lost it. I cried and cried.
So, why?????
Here are the ONLy two things I can think of. I started on Cymbalta around January. Mid-April I started to notice I was having lots of side effects (increased hunger, hot flashes, night sweats, crampy legs, hypoglycemia....maybe the weight gain????) so I weaned off it and have been back on my ZOloft which I DON'T think caused it bc I was on it for three years without any problems.
Second, I had TWO steroid injections in my neck. I know oral steroid use can cause weight gain, but I am not so sure about injections.
Here is my question:
HOW do you lose weight induced by medication???? It isn't like I can fix my diet-it wasn't bad to begin with. Sure I can work out again, and better, but that much weight gain-sheesh.
Are there any meds my doc could put me on? I feel that 160 on my frame is a bit much. My sister is overweight at 210 and I am scared to death I will end up like her. we carry our weight in our hips too, so though lucky there, it is HARD to lose. i was down to 125 at one point, way too little. 135 was perfect, I'll take the 140 I was in March though. HELP ME! I am trying not to let it really get me down.
Any thoughts????
why did they put you on cymbalta?
I'm taking zoloft and it has no side effects of weight gain.
I take mine for general anxiety disorder and it's also eased my slight depression.
so maybe you can change to a different medication if the weight gain issue is bothering you. it's a major cause of people stopping their meds unsupervised.
you should call the dr who prescribed them to you.

let me know how it goes.