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I'm doing this all alone with only you to talk to. I have been on Tram and ocassional Tabs for 3 years and became heavily addicted to having to be on tram only to avoid being sick, so I think I basically got to the end of my tunnel here and I quit cold turkey! I took my last dose of Tram almost 2 weeks ago and dumped any pills I had in my posession down the toliet except for my Zoloft which I'm on a lose dose of until I'm completely through this. (& so I don't lose my mind)

If there is anyone who has been here and gotten through it without any outside resource help besides these support forums please let me know how you made it past the second week and I'm hoping someone can tell me what to expect from here, because I'm getting weak here, I'm sicker than sick, I thought I was over the hump and Im not, I'm not doing too well here......when is this going to subside? Any good thoughts here........g no wonder so many throw in the towel ( now I know !
if you read my posts from here to there, you're going to think I'm really losin it ...(mood swings)


Not sure I know of anything non prescription form that helps with the chills ans sweats. I know clonidine helps but you will need a prescription for that. If you have any Xanax or Valium around that can help sooth the nerves, anxiousness which as a by product may help the chills/sweats. Hang in there it will get better.

Oh be careful if you do have Val or Xanax as you are taking Zoloft right? Probably not good to mix.


PS I found drinking reduced my will power when it came to staying away from the drugs so be careful....................OK