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I started itching four years ago when the blisters you refer to just showed up spontaneously. My allergist said it lookos like poison ivy. I hadn't been exposed to poison ivy, from everything I could remember. I think (memory fails) the blisters finally cleared but returned again the next year, again spontaneously. I had not been outside working in my yard unless I had everything covered up entirely, head to toe. Since that time, the itching (and related scratching) has made my life, my legs, and now my arms, hands and back) a living hell. I have scabs all over my body except for my thighs and my head. I have had no luck in finding someone who can diagnose and treat this.

When consulting a dermatologist, I admitted to the scratching because I began to think of this as a compulsion. She prescribed an itching cream and told me to come baack in two weeks. I have periodiclly managed not to scratch through sheer will but now I look worse than ever. I know that stress is a component and decided that I had to retire to save my sanity (worked for a non profit for 3 years to "give back" and found out the hard way what it's like working for a board that neither appreciates the hard work and contributions that the exec. director makes and does not listen to the very person they believe is such a great executive).

I have large areas of scratched sores now and try very hard not to give in to the itching, but usually do. Sometimes I get up in the morning with a spontaneous blast of itching and burning pretty much all over. A hot shower gives relief but only while in the shower. I was advised by one professional to use cold to calm down the itching and another to use extremely hot water ( as hot as I can stand it for a second or two) to draw out all the histamines and get 6-8 hours relief. It didn't work for me for more than a few minutes.

If you or any one else has any advice, I would appreciate it. I am 62 and this started at age 58. I had previously been taking allergy shorts for asthma and related allergies but quit taking them after a while. I suffer from clinical depression, fatigue (not debilitating) and 50-75 mg Zoloft ( previously took effexor for about 2 years) , Fosamax (10 years), a multi vitamin and 1000 mg calcium daily. I have a pretty good diet.