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hi all im having labs done the 1st week of aug and they are (my endo is )running theses tests for me
and anyone explain what these tests are for and what they are looking for i do know about the tsh but thats all i know about .
i was on levothyroxine 25mcgs from jan 07 till march then my gyn switched me to 50 mcgs of synthrold then went to new internal dr for 1 month was still on 50 mcgs of synthrold he lost his building so i had to find new dr but wasnt very happy with him at all he kept guessing at things that could be wrong said my tsh was within normal range for months and my t4 was also normal range but i sure wasnt feeling good he put me on 75mcgs of levothyroxine because my tsh had went back up to 7.11 when it was 2.54 then it was 1.5 then it went back up again and then i started having upper arm pains stomach pains depression again crying severe chest pains and so many more i begged him to switch me or lower my dose he wouldnt so i went to a endo and the test above is what shes running for me i also went back to the first internal medicine dr who lost his building and yes hes very very good he is going to be working along with my endo to find out whats wrong with me i started the 25 mcgs of levoxyl on june 28th and up untill about 2 days ago i was feeling wonderfull and happy and i thought i was finally going to start feeling better i dont cry alot but my depression is coming back some and my energy is slacking off again .and for 1 full week i stopped the levothyroxine because i couldnt handle the pain well when i went to endo she told me my dr had me on way too high a dose she went by my labs and symtons both sometimes i feel like im having a nervous break down my panic is worse which i hate i cant drive as i have falling down spells and i have had them since april 2006 but then i didnt have anymore till sept 2006 and now they are worse i have panic disorder along with agraphobia sometimes im scared to be home alone and im for sure scared everytime i leave this house i fall at the drs office the stores the er anyplace i go i fall and im loseing control of my life i have no one to turn to for help i went to a psyc ward and they didnt help me one bit just took away my xanax and let me leave after 3 days my endo says shes going to take me slow on my meds i sure hope so so far im not having any side effects except that my energy level has tapered off some again and my family dont understand me i just want my life back before jan 2006 i had a life i worked everyday i tanned i took a bath everyday and wore makeup and i drove and i even had you know what with my hubby i still do that but its far and far in between .i dont enjoy life like i once did im starting to feel very crabby and i HATE this illness and the panic too the panic is far worse then the illness to me because i get soooo scared and cry and at times i wish if id just die and get it over with i wouldnt have to suffer anymore NO i wont take my own life i love my kids and i could never put them through that i pray to god over and over to PLEASE help me and make me better and iam stressed for one my husband is a alcoholic and that bothers me alot hes a good man yes he pays the bills takes me to all my appts buys my medications and trys to help me but at times when hes drunk he yells and i cant stand the noise the only pease i get is when my kids are gone and hes either upstairs or outside or at work he never spends anytime with me hed rather go lay on the bed and drink his beer and im left alone yes i love him been with him 13 yrs .i guess im having a hard time dealing with this illness but my family just dont understand and im NOT EVER going back to another ward the 3 days i spent there was the worst of my life they took my xanax away cold turkey and i had the worst w/d's ever i couldnt eat nor sleep my whole body hurt so bad my chest was horrible and anytime i begged them to please give me something for the pain they said just take your mind off it how can you when your in such pain i couldnt sit still i was soooooooooooo shaky and nervous i had to make myself not fall down or they wasnt going to let me leave so alls i did was sit in this corner anyway from everyone else and cried inside i wanted out of there asap and my hubby yes i love him but he didnt come see me as much as i had wished he was aloud to visit as much as he wanted up till 10pm my kids wasnt aloud to visit yes i was deeply deeply depressed i told them it was my thyrolds doing this but did they care NO and they tried to put me on zoloft well i pretended to take them but didnt threw them down the sink i didnt need no ad's.so im hoping with all the tests and working with my endo and my internal medicine dr they can figure out whats wrong with me i hate the depression but i also hate the panic and here iam with panic disorder and i NEVER EVER abuse them most drs wants to get you off them but my internal medicine dr i went back too the one i saw first he gave me more hes a very nice and wonderfull dr the other one i saw thought i had bipolar alls i know is i have not been the same since feb 2006 ,,,,thanks all.