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hi all im so depressed again my husband i been with 13 yrs just dont understand whats happening to me i have energy here and there and then somedays i dont i suffered a yr befiore i even found out i had it .for one at times i have no motivation since starting my meds somedays i do great no crying nor depression but hubby who is a alcaholic tells me if id just get up and make myself do stufff id get over this i try believe i do but im on 25mcgs of levoxyl this is week 2 i was on levothyrolds started in jan07 on 25mcgs then went to 50 then 75mcgs but the 75mcgs were cauing me alot of trouble and my dr wouldnt switch brands nor lower them so i went to a endo and shes taking me slow i get labs done aug 1st and see her aug 9th i have severe depression and i cry alot but not everyday somedays i do great in jan 06 i had my left ovary removed due to a 9cm tumor and havent had a period since dec 06 could this be my thyrold causing the depression or the ovary removal? like i said some days i feel great i clean take a bath everything i dont have menopause symtons alls im having is the depression and crying could this be my dose is too low right now or could it be menopause i have no hotness or nightsweats iam stress but living with a alcaholic isnt easy he has put me in jail for me defending myself why do i stay well for one we have kids and another when he dont drink as much hes a good person but i just cant take much more he tells me i dwell on my thyrold as a excuse but i dont im 45 and i never had any of these prob till i got thyrold illness would taking zoloft 50 mg help me here i am scared of anti d's because i took effexor xr 75mg about a yr and it was hell coming off them my cousin takes zoloft and said her dr said she will need them for life because of the depression ,has any of you ever had the depression when you were on the low dose i dont want to start taking zoloft unless i have too i also take xanax but im in the process of coming off them, yes i need them but if they are causeing me trouble im not going to take them does this sound like my thyrolds or maybe menopause???i just want my life back and also have any of you with severe panic ever fell down from it? i do quite often and it hurts my feelings cause i cant help it and my husband says im so sick of all this and i said to him well how do you think i feel its not fun fr me either.any advice would really be so helpfull as i dont know what to do i read that you can get depression with hypo and i did for that whole yr before i knew i slept 24/7 cried was deep;y deep;y depressed so i dont know what to do and i allways thought when 2 people got married they married for better or for worse well he wants his old wife back and so do i but it takes time and he dont understand this i feel maybe i should leave but i have noplace to go nor do i want to hurt my kids plus i cant work yet but im going to show him i will go to work he says ya right when ever i say that.i ask myself over and over why dio i stay and right now i dont know why .......................vickie