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Hi there, i am new to this section. I fear that my insomnia is coming back. Right now I am under termendious stress with having to get a new job again. I am also PMSing at this moment. I read that all of this could cause insomnia. Even my meds are not helping let me list what i take:
150 mg zoloft
2 tablets of advil PM
then I zonk off to sleep 30 min after that. I sleep then get up an hour or two later to urinnate. I will sometimes fall asleep but it is that second time i get up....I then need a stronger sleeping pill that was presribed to me so that i can sleep better.

Is this insomnia that I am currently going through normal cause of stress? Will it go away after I get a job (good job)?

Anyway I could use any advice on this matter thank you!