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[QUOTE=obiemsue;3119892]Hi, I was hoping to find out about Tramadol, I was given samples to try, the doc said take 1 a day, so I took one in am, but was in so much pain I took 1 at 10 pm, along with my 2 neurontin. Man I felt bad, almost like my breathing was labored, felt very drowsy, but then anxious and couldn't sleep, Any one experience this? Also I would like anyone's support, advice, etc on chronic back pain.

I was on Tramdol and Neurotin at the same time for my abdominal pain and Im also taking Zoloft for pain (at least thats what the pain clinic said) and the first day I felt weird but other than that taking them all together never bothered me really. Usually made me tired unless i tried to fight it and then id stay awake, but they do make you feel "different" Also I was told to take the Neuortin at bedtime although the Tramdol can take anytime.