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Hey Scot thanks for the info.... personally I've had bad reactions to both zoloft ( anxiety through the roof, thought I was losing my mind!) and lexapro (completely out of it, numb to the world) and couldn't make it past 5 weeks on either...I just don't think I am suited for such medicines...

Have you ever used 5-htp, L-tryptophan, Tyrosine or other amino acids to help with your symptoms?? that is partly what the book is about and I may experiment with these and see what happens...

take care thanks for the reply

I had the same reaction on Zoloft too. So anxious it was stupid. I really thought I'd lose my mind on that stuff. Bummer Lex didn't suit you either. I haven't tried the others youm mention although I did have a hit of L-tyrosine one day years ago and it precipitated a panic attack so I didn't go back.

The anxiety/depression that this thing produces is the worst aspect I think, by a long shot. Hope you find some relief soon.

Best ... Scott :cool: