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Hey Leslie,

Wow, that is really really confusing. I can't say that I blame you. With my docs taking steps back they are really just doing injections like they were for the last year. Only this time, they are following my direction on where it hurts. So far, I am more irritated after the hardware block but that just tells me they finally got it in the right spot. I'm anxious to hear what your new docs have to say for you. What is radiofrequency? I don't know what that is, so I don't know if I have had it. I'm starting to look and feel like Frankenstein though haha. All we can do is try to laugh some days. Doc put me on Zoloft yesterday. I was glad because I have been tearing up with movies and what not. I'm not a crier on real life things but man, other peoples problems and movies are getting me! My mom might have a serious thing too so that has me on edge, I felt the Zoloft might not be a bad option for me at this time.

Shawley, I only had the trial portion of the SCS for 7 days. They had to remove everything because I got a bladder infection (never had one of those before) so indstead of implanting the device on that 7th day, they removed everything because it is too risky if you already have an existing infection in your body plus I had already been on 2 rounds of antibiotics (1 for a sinus infection and then the second during the trial) and still got the bladder infection so they were concerned my body would reject it and cause and infection there. They didn't do a laminectomy for the stem, they opened me up 4 inches and surgically attached the leads hoping not to have to move them when they implanted the device. It was a very stupid way of doing it on so many levels. If it had worked, they would have had to move it down two inches anyway. Grrr. I ended up with a 6 inch incision and PM doesn't know why the Neuro made it larger because he left after removing the leads. The Neuro isn't my regular Neuro so I guess I won't ever know.

I know what you mean about not being able to lean back and having to favor one side. I'm still waiting to be able to lean back. Plus it puts such a strain on the upper middle back just a burn after a while if you aren't able to lean and such. I feel for you! I hope they will start answering your questions and that you start feeling better very very soon.