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I feel like I have tried them all. Pamelor first, I don't recall the side effects. I think it just wasn't working for me and keeping me up all night. Cymbalta made me so rock bottom depressed they took me off of it right away. There were a few others tossed in there but I don't recall them. The latest ones were Zoloft which made me sleep about 15 hours a day/night. Then they switched me to Wellbutren and that turned me into a monster. I mean, I got on my own nerves with that one. High anxiety, rapid heartbeat and everything I touched either fell on the floor or didn't work. I only took that one for about 5 days. Now they have me on Lexapro. A very low dose to start out. With all of the other meds, he had me starting out with high doses and that isn't a good fit with my body I guess. I have not had one problem with the Lexapro and this is the 4th day I've taken it. I'm on 10 mg for now and he plans to up it eventually.

I hope you will be able to find one that works for you if the Pamelor doesn't. I haven't encountered anyone that has had as severe reaction to the Cymbalta as I have. The ones I have heard about love it.

Good luck and I hope that headache disappears right away!
A neuromuscular surgeon gave me Cymbalta to see if it would help with the pain in my legs. After 3 days I was nearly losing my mind. I was so anxious I could feel my skin crawling, I was dizzy, barely able to stand, my heart was racing, I coulnt think, I was shaking. I got right in to see my pcp who didnt know about the cymbalta and when he walked into the room I looked at him and actually had some sort of a breakdown and began cying hysterically. He said OMG what is going on with you, you look like a deer in the headlights!! He had me stop it immediately, i guess since I had only taken 4 of them by that day and he had me take Xanax XR and regualr Xanax for a week until I could get myself back under control. He said that Cymbalta has that affect on a small number of people, but from what I am reading here, I think the number is greater than drs want to admit. I tell everyone it darn near killed me!!

I was put on Zoloft 2 years ago when they didnt know what was wrong with me and decided it was depression. I kept telling them it wasnt helping as I didnt feel any better. After many many tests and bloodwork, it turned out I have Hashimotos thyroiditis and not depression!!! I was able to wean off the Zoloft without any side effects thank goodness.

When I saw the Rheumy Monday and they mentioned SSRI's I flat out said NO, I am not going that route again. I dont think she liked it but it is my body and my life and I refuse to go through all that again.