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I just finished treatment for Hodgkin's.
It's been rough, to say the least.
Now, I find myself with mild depression & general anxiety.
I've always had a little OCB to a degree, also (but who doesn't, really?)
I'm currently splitting a 50 mg. (generic version) of Zoloft (to make it 25 mg.)
and have been taking it for 3 days.
I can already tell a difference...although, it makes me a bit jittery. I couldn't even peel myself off the couch, prior to taking Zoloft. It's been very hard getting motivated to do anything...as my future is still so uncertain & I haven't been given a clean bill-of-health, yet. (I pray) :angel:
I was just wondering how many Zoloft user's are out there, and I would love to hear success stories.
I've been in the public all my life, but the last few years (now I know I was sick) I'd experienced panicky moments.
I think a lot has to do with one's upbringing, and we do have dependency run in our family, as well as lots of anxiety-ridden family members.
I'm trying my hardest to keep taking the Zoloft.
Anything would be better, than the state I was sinking into.
My chemo nurses told me that chemotherapy & radiation changes your brain chemistry, so I have "double whammy" there, since I did both.
I'm trying to remain positive & keep going.
This is the most 'down' I have ever been in my life---
But, I do believe better days are ahead. I'm just a little leery of antidepressants & always have been...but, I was/am at my wit's end.
Any success stories out there?
My psychiatrist just started me on a regimen of .5mg Clonazepam twice daily and 25mg Sertraline (Zoloft) once daily.

I started this about 3 days ago, and I notice that my anxiety is much better, but I feel drained all day. I don't feel tense or nervous anymore, but in place of that I feel sleepy.
I hope you start feeling better.
I think, with all of these med's, it takes awhile to regulate your blood levels.
I've been taking a low-dose xanax, with the Zoloft, too---yesterday I only took one.
My initial recommendation, was to take 3 daily (xanax's) and "up" the Zoloft to 2 a day! I think I'd be in a stuper all day long, if I did that.
Instead, I'm trying the low-dose thing to see if that will help.
Good luck to you.
It sounds like a good plan.
Thanks for responding.
It helps to know I'm not alone.
I've read places that state Zoloft seems to have few side effects, and since I've had chemo & radiation...that's definitely a good thing for me, as well as anyone, for that matter.
So you were on Prozac for awhile?
Why did you switch, if you don't mind my asking?
Best of luck to you.
I was on prozac for a very short time. I had to come off because my doctor had suspected some other health issues and wanted me off of that medication until we got it squared away. Well, that took a year and I have switched therapists and they have started me on Zoloft. If I don;t like this one he will put me on Prozac. He really only likes to prescibe these two meds and Celexa. (not sure why).

If you need to chat I always on board. Let me know!!

I'm here a lot, too.
I posted mostly on the lymphoma board, since my dx, and have made some wonderful friends there. There's always "room" for more friends, right?

This is just a very unsettling time for me. I knew, if I didn't start taking something for my anxiety, that waiting to see if my treatment worked, would take it's toll on me.
I should've (by all rights) started the Zoloft back month's ago, when it was first prescribed, but I chose to "weather the storm" on my own. That was a wrong move. I have a tendency to obsess, and I think I've probably been slowing down my healing process by some of negative-thinking, as of late. I was so positive for so long, then, almost overnight, I changed. I suppose it's because of all the chemicals that have been pumped through my body, too.
Anyway, it's nice to hear from you.
I am/was a professional singer & performed in Boston quite some years back.
I really liked it there. We worked mostly in Cambridge,...of course, that was years ago, and I can't even remember the name of the place. I think it was "Jack's." I remember it's the place that Bonnie Raitt got her start.
Take care.
Thanks for sharing.
I'm relatively new to the antidepressant scene.
I was prescribed Effexor way back, years ago, when I first started experiencing anxiety, and on the 5th day had a panic attack in a pet store---so, whenever a doctor mentioned med's thereafter, I'd run the other way.
I've been a bit immobile today--I'm still in my bathrobe & it's 6:00 p.m. !!!
This is only #4 day of Zoloft. I actually felt better yesterday, but I think it's because I wasn't home all day. I have this sense of "get off the couch & do something," but my energy-level is still pretty low from the past month's treatment. I'm hoping, by getting my psyche a little more level & not so depressed, that my body will follow.
My appetite is screwed up, too.
I actually gained weight on chemo, but I think it's because of my intake of fatty foods & sweets. Now, I have hardly any appetite, and I'm actually glad I'm losing...but, I don't think I should lose a lot. This is all very hard.
Yes, I like a Boston accent, too:
"Can't pahk ya cah in Hahvad yahd." That's a little joke ...:)
It's supposed to be, "You can't park your car in Harvard Yard."
I love Conan O'Brian....he's from Boston.
Hi, I'm new here. I've been on .25 mg of Zoloft for a week now and so far, no side effects. It actually feels like it's kicking in already! I had just come off of 20 years of Effexor (which worked well) and withdrawal was pure hell. That's an understatement! Once off the Effexor, my anxiety and depression came screaming back, so the doc put me on this low dose of Zoloft and a low one of Xanax (which I take very sparingly, some days not at all). I REALLY didn't want to go on another SSRI, but already, it feels like a heavy blanket has been lifted off me.

BTW, years ago, I did try Prozac and the side effects nearly did me in. I was a complete basket case- couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, nervous wreck 24/7! I wondered who slipped me the crystal meth!? Very strange. And scary.

Hi there.
Welcome to the board.
Thank you for sharing another Zoloft "story."
I swear, I feel it, only after 4 days---but, the "jury's still out" as to whether or not it's going to be a "keeper."
I don't have that deep-dark feeling I had...thank God....so, I guess it is working.
Wow. 20 years of Effexor??? That's great that you found something that worked for so long...but, I guess our body & our mind can change, can't they?
It's so true, that what one drug can do for a one person, it may not for another.
Stay in touch :)
I'm envious of where you live!
Yes, K.
Good luck to both of us!
Stay in touch.
It's Saturday now, and since yesterday I haven't been able to do much. At least I've gotten out of my robe---I was in it all day yesterday. I think the cloudy skies, the cold, and some really bad news from a friend on another board, is making me immobile.
This is # 5 on Zoloft, and I'm still not so sure it's my drug-of-choice.
I've basically lost all my appetite, too....
Of course, it was gone even before I started Zoloft, due to my cancer treatment. They don't want me to lose weight, but I have no desire to eat. I usually LOVE pumpkin pie, and I just put half of a piece back in the refrigerator (couldn't eat it).
It seems bad things usually happen on the weekend, when I can't call people. :confused:
Hey S.! I think, because we're still new to this drug, that we will still experience some downs (especially in the beginning). I still have moments like that, but they are nowhere near as bad as they were before starting Zoloft. It's interesting that it made you lose your appetite. I haven't experienced that. With Prozac I did. I do notice that I'm having some trouble falling asleep, though. The Benedryl aint cutting it. I'm thinking maybe Seroquel may do the trick??

S., give the Zoloft longer to really kick in. Your appetite will hopefully return. Maybe these are side effects for us, which means they will subside when our bodies become acclimated to the med. I'll cross my fingers!

Hey, it's kinda late here and I don't have it in me to read the entire thread...has anybody mentioned any body highs or dizziness on zoloft? I have days when I have these weird body highs and I'm pretty sure it's the zoloft...
I think I may start taking it at night, along with my sleeping aid my doc gave me.
I'm not "giving up the ship," yet. I know it takes awhile, and I so desperately needed something to help me over this hump.
I finally ate. I'm being really selective with my food right now---I think my treatment has done that to me. I really don't mind losing a 'little' weight....max 5 more lbs. My doctor doesn't want me to lose any, but I don't mind losing that little "muffin-thing" I was starting to get, hanging over my jeans. :)

In answer to the last post about your dizziness---yes. I've experienced just a bit of that, right after I take it. That's why I'm considering taking it at night. My most depressed & anxious state's, are in the morning, for some reason....so, maybe by altering the time I take it, will help.
Good luck to all us "Zolofter's."
I've decided I'm not taking any more Zoloft.
I can't afford to lose much more weight, and after the effects of it has worn off some, I'm already feeling better.
I just don't have it "in me" to feel bad for weeks, before I feel better. I laid around for 2 days, in my robe, and I've done absolutely nothing but complain.
I feel like a quitter. :(
I'll talk to my doctor about it this week.
Thanks everyone, for your input.
I've been on zoloft for about a year and it didn't severely decrease my appetite, but we all react to drugs in different ways. And since you've been sick, that could have an effect on it too. Just don't stop taking it cold turkey without at least talking to your doctor on the phone first because that can be really dangerous (not just with zoloft, but with any SSRIs, I believe). Good luck finding a better drug for you!
Singer, I'm so sorry that this has been a bumpy ride for you :(. There are many more to choose from- hopefully one with less side effects for you. You'll find it- don't despair! I know many people who went through a few before they found "the one".

Shfiven, what do you mean by body highs? Do you mean a tingly, surge of energy kinda feeling? If that's what you mean, I've had that with Prozac, Effexor, and to a much lesser degree, Zoloft. It will subside,definitely. I'm on 25 mg of Zoloft now- I'm trying to decide if I want to stay at this level or up it by 25 mg to see what happens. I mean, I feel pretty good now at just 25 mgs. Hmmm...