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I have been on Zoloft for 9 yrs and xanax also for the same amount of time during this time I have never felt better and the drs just keep adjusting the dose or trying other antidepressants. It is very frustrating. I have always thought that maybe this is just how I was supposed to feel and the medicines were doing what they were supposed to. But after finding this board I can relate to how everyone is feeling. I ahve also had sleep apnea tests ran (fine), cardiologist did and echocardiogram (fine) a gastroenterologist did and endoscopy and 24 hr ph test ( high acid) I've had acid reflux for many years, an allergist (said I have allergies, who doesn't), and a pulmonologist did 3 different breathing test (fine). It is hard being told you are fine and still feeling like crap!
Thanks for your reply!