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Let me first tell you all the things I am on:
Birth Control
I have an extreme amount of facial hair for a girl and I have been having laser hair removal treatments for about two years. My treatments are supposed to be completed by now but I still have well over 50% left. They are still treating me because the laser hair removal for me was guaranteed. I cant figure out why the hair is not going away. I have to shave everyday and its very embarassing to me. Now the hair has moved to my cheeks and is visible in the sun even with trimming it. I was tested for a thyroid disorder several times before I was actually diagnosed with hypothyroidism. They put me on a VERY low amount of synthroid that I have been taking everyday for 3 years now. Nothing has changed since I have been on it. My hair is thinning and you can see my scalp really well on the front part of my scalp in the light. I have been clinically depressed since I was 15. ( i am 28 now)
I also have major social anxiety and hate to be in public around people I dont know. I have gained about 50 within the last year. I have NO natural energy, and have to drink lots of caffeine(i no its bad) to stay awake. They tested me for PCOS and that was negative. I have regular blood work done and the doc said everything comes back normal. I have several pollups on my thyroid and had a biopsy done and they said everything was fine(no cancerous cells) and they said the pollops would not have to be removed. Okay am I just crazy or is does all this stuff seem like it should have been diagnosed,,,HELP PLEASE:(