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Sounds very much like it could of been the prozac. I take generic prozac fluoxitine and its helped me alot.

some anti-depressants are like that. they can make depression worse. i was taking celexa for a while. along about 4-6 weeks i became very very irratated. i called my psychatrist and told her i seriously want to hurt someone or ME. she said the dosage was to high. but a lower dosage was not working for me. so we talked about switching. i've been on fluoxitine since. i can tell when i dont' take it. i feel worse. crying more.

everyone reacts different to these AD's. zoloft made me so anxious i couldn't stand it anymore. paxil made me nausia. its basically trial and error till you find the one that fits you best. i dont' blame you for being so terrified of trying something else. perhaps seek a psychatrist. they know more about these different AD's and how they work.

Keep fighting...