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Hi there,

I know how you feel. Depression is sometimes tough to get through the day.
Have you been to a doctor or mental health professional? (even if you have to do some searching ) If you have not, it's time to go and get help. I take zoloft now and it has helped a good bit. I still have "hopeless days", but they are not constant....

You need to get this depression taken care of and then things should fall into place from there. You're 29, that's young and you still have time to make changes in your life that may make you happy. I've been working at the same company for 17 yrs, same profession for 30 yrs and I hate it. I cannot change jobs because I have too much to lose if I do (much needed health ins, 4 weeks vacation & job security in an unstable market). You are still young enough to find a passion - something you would enjoy doing every day.
Your attitude will change when you beat this depression. ;)

I hope you are feeling better soon.