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and it will continue to get worse as you get older.

I have almost the same problems you do and i am on medicine for it (if you are curious, ask your psychiatrist about zoloft. It has helped me get out of the house without worrying about people and dealing with stuff)

I still have issues with driving. I honestly can't even drive anywhere unless someone is with me, it is a short short distance, and I have been there before.

I worry about every step I take, like getting up in class and grabbing a tissue makes me nervous. I have severe sleep as well (which has been an issue for me every since birth).

Other than checking out zoloft, I recommend taking baby steps. don't push yourself into doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you feel anxiety coming on then find something to calm yourself like music or something you like. I know it is hard to focus but just keep your chin up. You'll be fine.

Also, seeing a counselor might help some too, (I do that as well) that way you have someone to vent to. Keeping it inside will only make you feel more sick and more likely to have a panic attack.