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I have been taking Zoloft for abut 3 weeks for anxiety attacks. After 4 unsuccessful weeks with Celexa, the Zoloft has been fantastic. Here's my problem. About 4 months ago when all my anxiety issues started I cut out caffeine completely. I really didn't miss it that much and I was feeling so rotten anyway, the idea of eating or drinking any sort of stimulant was not appealing.

Latley I have been feeling so completely normal while taking the Zoloft, I have gotten a little lazy and have been having some caffeine here and there. The past 2-3 days have been rough. I have really felt anxious, shaky, racing, very yucking. I also had a soda yesterday at about 10 am. Today I had an iced chai latte at about noon. It has more than 100 mg of caffeine - equal to slamming 2 mountain dews. I feel terrible. Trembling and heart just pounding. I just took an ativan, so we'll see if that helps.

Does anyone else have to avoid caffeine with Zoloft? I have been fine with alcohol - can drink a few glasses of wine or beer - even overdo it a little and be fine. But I cannot tolerate caffeine. I also wonder about sugar. Anyone notice feeling particularly racey with sugar while taking Zoloft?

I also wonder if sugar
I'd wonder if the caffeine was a contributing factor to your anxiety in the first place. I think it was for me, and since I've been on Zoloft more than one cup of coffee (and I used to drink much more than that) have made me pretty shaky and jittery.

I'd also agree that tea is a good choice. It gives you a little boost without the "jittery" feeling coffee can give you.