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Hi all,

I am just astounded and amazed at the willingness of MDs to hand out anti depressants. Not only to hand out but to "force" anti depressants on a patient as an answer....a cure all....for every affliction. Yes, I agree, some people benefit greatly but there are problems that are harder to find and DO NOT require ADs.

I felt awful (tired, very bad hip pain, mood swings, the point of the post is not trying to get a diagnosis just wanted to clarify). I was put on Zoloft (Sertraline) and the dosage slowly titrated up and it didn't help. I tried to explain to the doctor that I don't think I am "depressed" and that is causing problems, it is more that since the problem is not being found (or looked for), I am becoming depressed at the outcome. Does that make sense?

I was told maybe it was not the right antidepressant for me. I was switched to Effexor XR and slowly increased on it as well (37.5, 75, 150). With each increase, I felt no different. All antidepressants and dosages total a little under 2 years.

My calcium level is high and has been for multiple blood draws. I have been told by 3 different doctors that it MAY be hyperparathyroidism (which would be appropriate for ALL of my symptoms) but then I have been told it is not possible by three others because of the normal to inappropriately normal PTH.

I have Hypothyroidism as well and my dosages of Synthroid and Cytomel are finally correct. My Endo, who does not agree with the hyperparathyroidism thought, made a passing statement at my last visit. He did not prescribe the Effexor XR but works in close association with my GP who did. He said that if the Effexor XR is not helping, maybe it is time to stop. SO I DID!!! I know it cannot be abruptly stopped. I had still one of the sample packets from when I was titrating up. So I took 75mg for a week and then 37.5mg for a week. As I was coming down in dose, I felt like a blanket was being lifted off of me.


It has now been 4 days with no Effexor XR. The first day with nothing (Friday), I got weird feelings in my eyes. The 2nd day (Saturday), it started to hurt when I move my eyeballs. I can move my head and keep my eyes still to look to the side but if I keep my head still and move my eyes only it really hurts and I started to get the sensory disturbances (brain zaps) when my eyes move. It helps to close my eyes but I can't function with closed eyes! Yesterday, the eye problem still existed but felt a little worse. It also felt and sounded like someone was opening a shaken soda can in my head (sorry, I can't think of another way to describe it) and last night, twice, it felt like the jolt was going all the way through my neck to my heart.

This morning, I am back to the eye issues. I am not sure of the others as I haven't really started my day.

I am so sorry this is SO long and rambling but I wanted to be as clear as possible. I have three questions that I am really hoping people will respond to.
1) Why are doctors so quick to think ADs will solve the problem and so quick to hand them out?

2)Is it easier to hand out an antidepressant and hope the patient will back off than really order the tests necessary to diagnose a problem? Why is trying to get a blood test harder than pulling teeth? I want the calcium issue solved not an increase in ADs!

3) How long will these sensory disturbances last? Will they get any worse?

Thank you for reading! I would truly appreciate any input!