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I am almost a year out of a T9 to L5 spinal fusion, and in much more pain than I ever was before surgery. I can bearly walk, and when I do, I limp. My pain is a million times worse now than before surgery. My surgeon says everything looks good-instumentation is in place,etc. He would not order an MRI, so, eventually my PCP did-but only of the thoracic area. I don't understand why they didn't do a full MRI. An x-ray tech said either the doc ordered it that way,or your insurance wouldn't pay for a full MRI. Anyways, this MRI was "o.k.". My PCP never returns my phone calls, and my surgeon has refused to see me anymore because I'm so "far out" from my surgery. My mother finally called the surgeon and demanded an appt. It's tomorrow and I am bringing my husband and my parents. (I'm 46 yrs. old with two children)I had hoped the pain was due to a cervical polyp-but that was removed on Monday-and I have the same pain. The docs just want to throw me into PM, but I want to know why I have this much pain:( I have been doing some research on MRI's and came across a new sort of MRI called MR Neurography. Has anyone heard of this, or had one? It seems it gives a much more defined picture of the spinal nerves. Also, anyone have any ideas as to what I should ask my surgeon tomorrow? I've confronted him in May as to why I had so much more pain after surgery, and he just points to the x-rays, and says "everythings in place-go to PM". I feel like I'm in a bad dream. I'm on Vicodin, Zanaflex, Zoloft, Neurontin( since a month ago)and Ambien CR. My surgeon is affiliated with a well-known Clinic in the Cleveland area-he was supposed to be the best-I don't know what went wrong:confused:--Janiee