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I have anxiety and was on klonopin for about 2 yrs 1 mg at nite to sleep. worked well but than i had some major issues occur in my life and it didn't work for me at all anymore. Dr gave me zoloft & ativan to sleep The zoloft is making me so jumpy and more anxious that i can't stand it and its only been a week. I know it takes time to work but is this normal
I've been on zoloft for about 2.5 years and don't remember encountering any jittery feelings when I first started it. I was taking Klonipin for several years before the Zoloft and I still have the Klonipin which I usually take at night before bedtime. Sometimes I take a smaller piece of it during the day if I feel I'm about to have a panic attack. As I said in another post - the klonipin works more quickly when I place it under my tongue. Good luck!
I also had hardly no anxiety on starting Zoloft either. It relaxed me.
I found Zoloft increased my anxiety for about 6 weeks and the doctor prescribed Clonazepane to counter the effects until I adjusted. I am now off the Clonazepane and only using Zoloft. However, the one thing my doctor did tell me was to take the Zoloft in the morning as it can cause insomnia if taken just before bed. For me it actually triggered a sever panic attack in the middle of the night the one time I took it before bed. I am now careful to take it in the morning and feeling much better. It took time and there were days where I was tempted to quit because the combination of drugs made me dozy and stupid but I do feel a lot better after two months. I would suggest talking to your doctor about how it is making you feel and see if he has any suggestions.