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Hi All,

I was diagnosed with post natal (partum) depression about 18 months ago. I see a therapist (pyschiatrist) who has been wonderful but as my therapy goes on I realise that it is a symptom of a bigger, longer depression. It has been mild compared to many story's that I have read...but never the less there.

My doctor initially put me on zoloft and at first it did the trick but after a while it was obvious that I was having mood swings that were relatively dramatic in that one week I would be teary and hopeless and relatively normal the following week...my doctor use the term 'rapid cycling'. I needed to back the zoloft up with Lamictal. I was very nervous about the lamictal and hesitant. I did quite a bit of research. I found that everything was written about bipolar. I asked my doctor but he didn't give me a straight answer. (no surprise there to be honest).

My lamictal dose is slowly increasing and the plan is to stop the zoloft.

I have depressive episodes that can last several weeks. I stay around home, am asocial, down, oversensitive, exhausted, teary. Then I seem to wake up and feel a little more normal, I have energy, not manic but energy. But it only last a couple of weeks until I start to get tired again. It's a constant backwards and forwards.

Maybe someone can reassue me. It's not that I fear being bipolar, it's more I fear being given a label that I dont understand. It's a fear of not being not in control. It's fear that this will go on forever, straight forward depression can possibley have an end, this may not. I dont even really know what I am asking here, maybe someone might know how to help me unravel it. maybe those reading this might have a key question or thought that might spark something in me...

Thank you all