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well mole,
iam new to this bourd, and i too have alot of quistions about thyroid meds?
for the past 2 years i was on levothyroxine 100mcg, after on it for awhile i started haveing horrible anxiety and panic attacks!
they were awful!
went to er more than once with them..
they even put me on zoloft and others to help..
i just felt like you, over medicatid and i kept telling the doctors this was not in my head!
it was an imbalance in my harmone system!!
i got in to see and endo doc, he put me on synthyroid 112mcg, its been a rough 2 months with it, because of side effects, but i havent had an episode of panic or anxiety
since the change..
strange thing huh....
wish i could help more!
iam still not where i want to be yet, my endo doc is going to run more test in 3 weeks.