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Dear all,
I have posted on several sites here. Just a quick hx... had partial thyroid lobectomy 2 years ago. After is when all health issues started. Chest pain, racing heart at night. Diagnosed with PSVT, tried several cardiac meds... helped somewhat ,was on zoloft ( thought it was anxiety) NO HELP. :mad:

I wake up usually 2 hours after falling asleep with chest pain, racing heart. Feels like spasms in my body ( especially extremities, and back) and elephant sitting on chest and neck. Next day I am exhausted , feel like I participated in marathon. Now a new symptom, numbness and tingling in arms, especially left which stays most of the day. And chest feels heavy for early part of day.

Had cardiac workup, GI workup, kidney workup, all kinds of endocrinology tests... except for SVT - NOTHING!!! I am scheduled for sleep study in Dec ( long waiting list)... could this be it???

I am not overweight ( big weight loss because of this issue), eat healthy-NO caffine, no eating before bed, ect....

I am so tired of being exhausted.....and foggy headed. :confused:
Any help is greatly appreciated!!!:)