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You want to have a husband contest for fun?

Mine is a ###hole and he knows it

He tells me to quit being scared of nothing

Doesnt care if I am in the middle of panic, still wants to have sex

And laughs at the people on the forum I talk too saying they are all nuts

How is that for being married to a real but?

I was only a few months along too, the baby kept growing but the heart wasnt forming, all well God has a reason for everything I guess.

What meds have you tried do far?

I reccomend if you try an anti you go with a benzo to the first couple of weeks.

Its funny some people tolerate some meds great and others don't like them at all. For instance I couldnt tolerate Paxil or Zoloft but I am doing GREAT on week three of prozac. But lots of people like Paxil and Zoloft.

Most doctors like ssri's because they have way less adverse reactions and problems than any of the other anti's (they are just plain safer)


Just while I was typing this my husband came up behind me and told me by the time you were done reading this you would be to old to have panic attacks, do you wan't to trade? ( I'll send him right over) ha ha