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Have you tried looking at the Fibro board on this site? You will find a lot of info there. I have had Fibro for 7 yrs. and have been thru many types of drugs, i.e., Vicodin, Nerontin, Baclafin, Guefinisn (sp), Zoloft, Soma, Flexeril, Ultram and Morphine. The only med that truly got rid of the pain was morphine, but it only worked for 1 month and when the dr. upped the doze, I could not stay awake at work and kept falling asleep while driving (not too good huh). The thing about Fibro is that what works for one person might not work for someone else. For years I was treated by a rheumy, but when I found out about going to a pain mgmt dr. he was willing to give me the morphine. When I couldn't stay awake on the increased dosage, he then suggested having a pain pump implanted. You might want to read some of the threads on here about the pain pump. However, I will say that someone just starting out with Fibro would probably not be considered for a pump since you need to have a track record of trying various meds and being treated for quite awhile so there's no doubt in the drs' mind that you are not a druggie or that oral meds won't help you. But I can tell you from going to support meetings and reading posts on here, that no one drug really gets rid of that much Fibro pain and if it does, it means you are so drugged up, you are probably sleeping most of the time.

I got my pump in 2/1 and had an allergic reaction to the morphine (even though I didn't have one when taking the pills). It caused severe edema (swelling in my feet, legs and finger), when normally I have the tinyest, skinnyist feet and fingers. It took 4 mos. and $2000 worth of tests to prove to the dr. that nothing else was causing the swelling (which started the day after surgery). The dr. finally switched out the morphine with Fentanyl and within a few hours all of the swelling disappeared and never returned.

The dosage they first give you is very low so it takes numerous office visits to get it up to where you need it because its dangeous to give you too much at once. I started out with 14 micrograms of Fentanyl and am now up to 40. It works great on the pain, but I have the problem of since I feel so good I start doing more than I should and end up getting mild breakthru pain. So when that happens I take Ultram and Soma as needed. But I will say since having the pump, my pain has gone on a scale of 1 to 10 from being a 4/5 to a 8/10. The best part is that I am totally alert and functional and do not feel drugged up. Everyone where I work is totally amazed at the improvement in my appearance, attitude and speech (and quality of work also).

Hope this info helps you get headed in the right direction.
I was diagnosed about 4 years ago, finally, with fibro. I say finally because I actually began having symptoms 2 years before that and was told I had arthritis, tennis elbow (I really like that one), lupus, leukemia, and MS. In fact, I was in the process of having MRIs done and redone and was facing a spinal tap because my doctor at the time was so sure I had MS. Oh, and I also was told at one time that I had a brain tumor. All in all, I figured I was simply losing my mind because all of these tests came up negative yet the symptoms worsened. I had some doctors suggest that everything was in my mind. Anyway, I was finally diagnosed with fibro, through the process of elimination basically, which as I understand is truly the only way to diagnose fibromyalgia - ruling everything other thing under the sun out. Long story short, I was put on Zoloft at first, which was a God-send as far as energy levels went (I was spending entire days in bed). I went to a "specialist" who, despite the fact I suffered from excruciating pain upon taking anti-inflammatories and the fact that I experienced no pain relief at all from celexicob (sp?) meds, insisted I take meds such as tylenol, celebrex, vioxx, bextra, etc. I finally stopped wasting my time on him. I ended up seeing over 15 doctors in a time period of about 2 years before finally finding the one I see now. She's not even a physician, but a PA (I've never even seen the actual physician in the office!) and from the very first visit she has listened to me, heard me, empathized with me, and is willing to try different meds to find the right "cocktail" for my illness. I have an extreme case of fibro, I'm still young, I have 2 young children, a marriage and home to take care of, school and a job. I've nursed and taken care of my father until he died, I now take care of my mother, and my in-laws are now beginning to suffer various medical problems and I pitch in and try to help as much as I can. I guess I'm trying to say that this illness and its symptoms can be disastrous for me if not controlled. Presently, my treatment consists of this: 50mg of Prozac every day, 7.5mg of Lortab - 90 every month - and occassionally Fioricet for headaches. On my own end, I've started taking fish oil capsules (4 a day), and I can honestly tell the difference when I don't take them. I take a B complex along with a multivite and a supplement of calcium+magnesium+zinc (if you suffer from PMS at all, this really and truly helps). I try to exercise but that sometimes get put on the back burner, but, again, I can really tell the difference when I don't exercise. I've had suggested to me pain patches and muscle relaxers, but as far as the muscle relaxers go, they put me to sleep and I simply refuse to take anything that makes me sleepy - besides the fact that I hate that sluggish feeling, I have my kids to think of...I can't be off sleeping once or twice a day. I haven't tried the patches yet, so can't really comment on that. I've also had trigger point injections suggested and that's still being considered. The Lortab, for now, works excellently for me, not making me sleepy or tired but acting quickly on the pain, and the Prozac...well, if I go for more than 3 days without it my energy level bottoms out and I'm back in bed.

I hope, somehow, these suggestions can help someone...I know how debilitating this disease can be and I know how many doctors don't even believe it's a real disease.