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Jean you are absolutely right! I understand how it feels. My Dx's ranged through all those you mentioned and there is still no certainty. One of the "spondyloarthropies" (psoriatic arthiritis, and so on and so forth) I've been told by my rheumy. I am tired of all the nonsense! First it was Methotrexate and I had to take, but that made me ill so he removed cyclamicyn and added plasmoquin to the cocktail. No change. I asked about sulfasalazine and was told "no, too many negative effects". DHEA (now Domidrone) helped a little little. Since my last visit i am now having to take ALL of the above --- methotrexate (10 tabs a week), folic acid, plasmoquin, salazopyrine (4 a day), Vioxx, Zoloft ..... and i feel NO BETTER. So over the weekend I thought i would just toss the lot away - but didn't. Then last night I made the definite decision NOT TO TAKE ANYMORE. None of these meds are helping. I feel as awful as I did before starting (over a year ago) so what's the point of putting more poison into my system? Different story if this toxic Rx was making a difference, but it is NOT. So that's it. I'll try it my way. Eat properly, exercise, stretch, relax, breathe, think positive... pray.
Bless you all. I am still not sure there is certainty about a diagnosis here!!!