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Has anyone had any luck with an MRI or an EEG showing anything related to NCS?

I had an MRI done on me when I was being diagnosed, and of course it was normal. They were going to do an EEG but after the MRI came back normal they decided against it and finally did the TTT instead. I can't believe you did the TTT twice! I couldn't imagine going through that again. It was horrible. I agree with the other suggestions of making sure there is a real reason to get that test and then decide. Good luck!
Also, you asked about different prescriptions - I have taken everything out there. ProAmatine is my favorite, especially when combined with Toprol XL. I wouldn't recommend any of the antidepressants/anti-anxiety meds because I went on Zoloft for about 2 weeks and it was terrible. I was dizzy all the time and the world was always spinning. Norpace worked fine as well. The only bummer with the ProAmatine is it is very expensive. For 100 pills (one month supply) it is $294 before insurance. I can tell you about the side effects that I experienced if you want, but I'm sure that your Dr. will prescribe the best med for you. I have also worn Support Hose/Compression Stockings/TED hose for a little over a year. They were hard to get used to but they definetly help. In the winter they are great for warmth! But they are also expensive - one decent pair is about $60. I hope that you can get on something that will help you. Good luck. Tara
I am a 22 year old male that has recently just been diagnosed with vasodepressor syncope. After searching the web for information on this disease I found this site. I have noticed a lot of the same things going on with me. I have been lightheaded, short of breath, and very tired all the time. I have never really passed out, just came come to it. I have to admit that after reading the postings I was very discouraged to see that this wasn't something that you can just take a pill for and be done with. I have always been very active, love to work out, and have been going to school to become a teacher and when I found out how this can affect a person it seemed like i would have to kiss it all good bye. I guess I just have some questions and would like to hear what all of you have to say on it. First, I wanted to know if anyone or if anyone knows of anyone that did just get over this with time or does everyone pretty much have this for good with varying symptomes? My doctor has given me the perception that I will get over it soon and it is not a big deal but after reading posts I don't know what to think. My cousin had similar problems a few years ago, took the TTT and pasted out. She went on an anti-depressent and in a few months was off it and fine since. I was on the Toprol for a few weeks but it made me feel worse so I am off that and starting Zoloft. My mother has MVP so it sounds like all of this crap has some kinda genetic link, huh? I also have noticed that the majority of the post are from women and was wondering if just not as many men post or if it is less frequent in men? Also are any of you that are younger still able to exercise after being on meds? I used to work out 5 -6 days a week and wondered if that will ever happen again. At what age did most of you become diagnosed with this, and did it get worse with time? I have had migrains for a long time and read where a lot of you do as well, I also had some pain around the kidney area last week when I was peeing, I read where another girl had the same problem in an earlier post. I guess I just want to get some input from some people that feel similar to me to go along with my doctors. Thanks.