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No, I wouldn't take it myself. However, I was put on Raloxifene for osteoporosis and that is supposed to help a bit for recurring BC -- which isn't doing any good for the osteo (went down another 3%) so I guess I will be off that soon. However, the only other option for me is that nasty zometa infusion and I sure don't want that. Raloxifine causes blood clots and so does Tamoxifene but I think Tamoxifine has a lot more scary side effects. Like I said, if they got a clear margin (hopefully larger than mine) you should be OK. And about the other side, I was told just get a yearly mammorgram. What can I do?????? I do have microcalcifications in the other breast but they are scattered not clustered like the right side even though nothing showed up in the rest of the breast and BOY WAS IT EVER THERE!!!!!! I guess i will feel better when I reach the 5 year mark -- another2+ years to go. You can only be on Tamoxifene for 5 years anyway and then they want to give you some drug that actually causes bone loss.

Keep in touch.....esp. if you doc advised against it I wouldn't worry. Let me know about the margins. OK.