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Ninniel 1970
Hi again - I just wanted you to know I have been to an allergist and there is no antibiotic test except for the penecillin. They can test for other things but you have to be careful. I had patch testing done first by a dermatologist for cortisone allergy because my hand eczema (which had always responded well to cortisone cream) all of a sudden became THE WORST. She tested me for 98 things so of course I am allergic to a lot more than cortisone. One was Sorbitol or Polysorbate which is in a lot of my meds. I guess internally it is OK but I have bad gastritis/acid reflux and was wondering??? On double strength of 2 acid reducting meds and still have it. Anyway, the allergist made me bring in a Prevacid capsule to do intradermal testing with for the Polysorbate - I was fine up until the full strengh one and developed a huge reaction. Well, my husband happened to be off that day and had gone with me and they used him as a control and HIS ARM WAS WORSE THAN MINE. They determined it was an irritant and not an allergic reaction and I could take the meds. However, I was lucky - his reaction turned into cellulitis and he needed 500 mg of Keflex for 10 days to get rid of the infection. Being allergic to everything and my Crohn's problem I could never take that if it had happened to me. Now afraid to get intradermal allergy testing and they want to do more. They tried to reassure me saying it was a powder in the capsule and hard to mix right and that is why that happened. I just don't know anymore. Also have severe osteoporosis and they were going to do intradermal Zometa testing before I get the IV infusion but I'm chicken. I am going to go for oral Prednisone testing (was allergic to the Prednisolone topical group) as I am allergic to CAT scan dye, etc. and would have to be premedicated with Prednisone for that. I am also allergic to nuclear medicine dye.....I guess that's radioactive isotopes - had a bone scan once and got the most awful case of hives.....2 days later. I get delayed reactions sometimes and sometimes pretty quickly. I don't think there is a premedication for that though. I had the gadillium once for an MRI and was OK but it is that first time that sensitizes you and then the next time you get it ZAP if you know what I mean. That's what happened with the flu shot too. The first one I had was OK and then the 2nd one I got bad hives and was told if I ever get another one I will die. Nice! Means I can't get the pneumonia shot either so during the winter I try to stay out of crowds HA HA - Try staying away from sick people in the doctors office or in the supermarket or drug store. Please write another post. Would like your thoughts on this. Sorry it is so long. Good luck to both of us and the others that are probably in our shoes.