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Hi everyone
Thought those on Evista might want to know about this. I had put it on another posting under Aredia or Zometa but Evista folks might not read that.
My endo said something interesting....everywhere you read about Evista it says to go off it 3 days before surgery, total bedrest, etc. I have to have another tooth out (supposedly in 2 weeks but I have a sinus thing and do not want to get an upper tooth out with the roots in the sinuses if the sinuses are bad). He said you should go off the Evista 2 weeks prior to dental surgery because of blood clots. How is one usually to know when they are going to have to get a tooth out or a root canal done, etc.??????? Maybe that is why I had so much trouble with the last pulling. I developed a hematoma that the oral surgeon had to take out and the bone healed very slowly. Maybe I can put off this pulling since I really have been feeling sick for the last week +. Since the doc hates to put me on antibiotics I have to get over most things by myself if I can and my immune system is not good this year for some reason. Before November 2004 I had not been on any antibiotics since June 2001. I went to pot this winter...but still have to get the tooth out before it festers up as I have that darn Crohns and can only take low dose antibiotics - also allergic to most of them anyway.

Suggi :confused: