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Thanks Kalie

I guess I will skip the HRT at this point. I have so many other health issues I don't know which one to address first anyway. Besides the osteoporosis I have uncontrollable acid reflux (with double meds) that hits the area between the collarbone and adams apple/gastritis/esophagitis, Crohn's disease, urethritis, severe chronic sinusitis and on and on. It's the constant bad sore "throat" I worry about because I keep thinking of that cancer word. I had skin cancer as well as BC. I have a 2 page list of drug related allergies and adverse reactions that keeps getting longer and longer each year. So.....being I am allergic to carba mix now they are reluctant to do a scope as the scopes have rubber tips and angles and carba mix is in both synthetic and natural rubber (latex and non latex).

I was so glad to see your post and that you are in that trial. I really hope it works even tho you are on low dose. Is that in addition to the Zometa? I have been so worried about you. Please keep posting.......we are all concerned and are praying for you.