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I don't even have to check your data. I know in my heart HRT is not right for me so I don't even know why I was trying to pursue it. I guess I just felt sort of lost. The 2 endos I have seen differ in opinions but both scared me re the osteo. However, I am so glad I have you -- you seem to put things in perspective for me. You are pretty smart.........

I'll just have to keep plugging along with my stomach also. Who knows - maybe I am allergic to gluten or something. I just hate the thought of maybe having more testing -- the testing seems to excabate (spelling) the problem when I am diagnosed with an allergy. You want to hear a funny one ---- they had me intradermal tested for internal polysorbate allergy as the patch test showed sorbitol/polysorbate topical allergy and polysorbate is in most of my meds. They used the Prevacid capsule powder to test and all was fine until the full strength and I festered up. Well, hubby was with me and they used him for a control and he festered up. They decided it was an irritant and I could take it internally and we went home. Well, the next day his arm was red, tender and growing and he ended up on Keflex 500 because it gave him cellulitis. So much for allergy testing!!! He didn't think it was very funny. I was supposed to go for Zometa or Pamadronate intradermal and patch testing because of my allergies but I sure don't want cellulitis as I could never take 500 Keflex......so I might never get that anyway because of the way my jaw healed after the last tooth pulling.

Thanks for helping me "wake up". I surely needed it. Keep in touch. You are really special. Hubby is a lucky guy......make sure you tell him.

Suggi :wave: