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Hi all,

My dad started having some back pain in September last year. Since he's been smoking since his teen years (and he's 74 now) the immediate suspicion was lung cancer. However a biopsy made at the time found no issue. Last January, since no other explanation was given to the pain, he went through another biopsy, which also found no problem. Then things started turning bad: he had a broken femur. The surgery to get it fixed was quite successful, but things have been clearly deteriorating since then: he's lost weight (and he was already quite thin), he feels weak and he has to use diapers. The bone was broken due to a metastasis, that is also on his other leg and his ribs. Yesterday he went through radiotherapy for the first time, and he also has taken Zometa, which should strengthen the bones. We were happy that the treatment actually "started", but today he was extremely weak and we had to take him to the hospital, where they found out he was dehydrated. Anyway, I wonder if any of you has gone through a similar situation and can answer some of the following questions:

- We don't know yet if it's SC or NSC (this should be answered by the biopsy), and due to that the oncologist currently refuses to give us any estimation before seeing the results. But, from what I read and also from the comments that the GP has made in the hospital today, I'm afraid he might be close to a terminal state, right ?
- He has almost no problem breathing, could it be that it's not lung cancer at all ? According to the oncologist, it should most likely be, due to the type of cancer cells found in his leg (carcinoma).
- Is there any hope that he will walk again ? Currently he's not allowed to walk, since his legs are fragile.
- Anyone has experiences with Zometa ? I read somewhere in the web that it doesn't seem to help that much ...
- He has also difficulty closing his right hand and he's losing strength/movement on it. The oncologist has dismissed it as arthritis or something similar, but after reading the forum, I'm afraid it could be due to the tumor reaching the brain. Anyone had similar experiences ?
- Is it common that the biopsies fail to find the tumor ? I'm so pissed that it took us this long to start a proper treatment, and to make matters worse I don't like the oncologist's attitude at all.

Well, that was a huge post ... I hope anyone has the patience to read it and can shed some light on the situation. Needless to say, it's been some tough days, especially since I live abroad and should go back to work soon.

Thanks and best regards, Marcos.
Quote from MarcosP:
Hi all,

- Anyone has experiences with Zometa ? I read somewhere in the web that it doesn't seem to help that much ...
- Thanks and best regards, Marcos.

My wife has been receiving Zometa 4mg. monthly since June 2004 for her bone cancer. Some people swear by it but I've seen no tangible evidence that it's had any therapeutic effect or improved her bone cancer. But, since it appears to be relatively harmless, she'll go ahead and keep receiving it just in case it does have some beneficial effect even if only minimal.