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Hi JudyNearOttawa, from a JudyInMichigan!! Your post has come thru just fine so you are doing things right. I'm sorry to hear of your -3.5 spine and hip scans. My late 2003 DEXA scan had me at -3.2 lumbar and 2.8 hip. My early 2005 DEXA (different machine) had me at -4.1 lumbar and 3.0 hip. As for your new doctor being a Rheumatologist instead of an Endocrinologist: hey, we even have some Gynecologists who specialize in treating osteoporosis in our area. The most important thing is their interest in and experience with treating osteoporosis.

Fortunately for me I very seldom enounter back pain. I also have the darn rounded shoulder, forward head carriage, lousy posture.

Have you had back and chest xrays? Do you know what blood work has been done and the results? There may be more going on than osteoporosis causing your aches and pains. It would be a very good idea to get copies of your past blood work results and DEXA scan results and to get and keep copies of all future blood work and DEXA scan results plus any xrays, etc. that pertain to your osteoporosis and bone aches and pains.

You know those foam rubber "noodles" the kids use in the swimming pool a lot nowdays? Try getting one and cutting it in half lengthwise. In fact, I've heard that they even sell the "half-noodles" now but I've never seen them. These noodles are GREAT for laying on to relax your back and back muscles AND to train your shoulders BACK instead of forward. It should be long enough for both your butt and your head to rest on it. Let the noodle run right down the length of your spine as you lay on it for 5 minutes at a time several times a day.

How much calcium are you taking and how are you taking it? You'll get best absorption of the calcium if you take only 500 IU at a time several times a day rather than a full dose all at once.

I would guess that your Rheumie will run a blood draw after you've been off your previous meds for a month or so to see just what your "natural" levels of some things are. Another Canadian here mentioned that her doctor expected a once a year treatment of some type for osteoporosis to be available w/in a year. I'm not sure if this doctor would be referring to strontium ranolate (sp?) or perhaps a bisphosphonate infusion that I think "might be" zolendronate (Zometa?).

Since you have asthma you might ask your family doctor about a script to Pulmonary Rehab if you qualify. This can do wonders for your posture and strengthening your shoulder and chest muscles and having others to exercise with may give you the encouragement we all need to keep up with our exercise program. Many of the exercises will be the same or similar to osteoporosis exercises but you'll have access to exercise equipment that you wouldn't have at home. I just finished insurance paid Pulmonary Rehab and once you've been thru the program you can continue to use their equipment on a self-pay basis of just $5 a session. You are not monitored on the self-pay other than BP prior to starting and once a week weighing plus your sats prior to and after exercise.

Perhaps there is one or more ladies in your Osteo group who live near you and you could join together in an exercise program of some type? Sometimes all we need is just the encouragement of someone else to "do" our "thing" with. Good luck and God bless.