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Hi Ruth,
Well, my dad had his second appt. with the oncologist today.
He had three PET scans last week.
They diagnosed him as having Carcinoid Syndrome and started him on Sandostatin and Zometa.
Although this will ease the symptoms, I am not sure what the prognosis is.
They said his heart vessels and arteries were enlarged, and there might be a blockage in his bowel somewhere, I am not sure though.
My mom is having difficulties digesting and understanding the info. She tape recorded the conversation and is going to listen to it slowly later this evening, so hopefully when I call her back she will have some more info.
I would have thought she would have picked up on key words, like anything REALLY bad, but she didn't seem to notice any of those.
Again, I plan on calling the office now that they have a final DX. Ugh, that won't be pleasant.
I am not sure what they can do to REMOVE any of this cancer, if they can. I don't know if they can do radiation, or what.