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I'm glad that your husband and grandmother are perfectly fine. I wonder just how long they've been on Fosamax.
My husband has been taking it for 6 years. My grandmother for at least ten.
[QUOTE]The jaw necrosis, bone pain and eye problems are often written off as caused by other things, old age, in your grandmother's case, possibly. My grandmother doesn't have those problems. She'll be 93 in June, God willing.
[QUOTE]...often made the very points that you did, defending the drug companies and doctors. :eek: Oh my gosh, I didn't mean to defend them with my statement! You are absolutely correct that we can't let them off the hook. I'm saying that we can't assume they have all the answers, because they aren't infallible. They make mistakes all the time. I'll NEVER put myself completely in their hands without questioning everything they say.[QUOTE]Have you read anything about the action of the class of drug and why it supposedly "works"? Have you read much about about osteoperosis? Yes, if you've read any of my posts you would know that most of them have been on this board. I've read and recommended The Myth of Osteoporosis. I know how biphosphonates work. In fact, my own oncologist prescribed IV biphosphates for me. I did my research and went back to him and said "No thanks." I believe I was making an informed choice because of my history. If my osteoporosis was more advanced, or if my cancer had been worse than it was, I might have chosen to go on the Zometa. Instead, I chose Evista. My point is that everyone deserves to make their informed choices regarding their own treatment. I don't want those choices to be taken away from me because some people have adverse reactions from them. That was my only point. You don't have to agree with me.