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My husband has been on androgen deprovation for 5.5 years. He has bone metastis. We went to get a bone density test and the oncologist suggest starting Zometa therapy. We researched it on the net and found troubling information on side effects. My husband is quite concerned and would like to hear from REAL people who have taken/are taking this drug. :confused:
Hi Shoxx -- My husband has been taking Zometa for about a year and a half now -- he has bone mets like your husband. The day after his first infusion, he had so much pain in his back that the could hardly move -- it was so bad that he didn't think he would contunue with the treatment. The pain slowly left after 3 days and he was able to go to work. So, here are some tips on the best way to avoid the pain: l. Drink plenty of water before and during the treatment. 2. Make sure the doctor/nurses plan on 45 minutes to an hour for the infusion instead of 15 - 30 minutes. He didn't have any problems after the first infusion. Other than that, there aren't any side affects. They do encourage you to drink a lot of water as Zometa can affect the kidneys but they should do blood work each month to make sure liver and kidneys are okay. My husband gets a full blood work up plus a psa test every month before his appointment. I hope this helps. The purpose, as I'm sure you know, is to prevent fractures from the bone loss caused by the cancer itself and probably from the hormone injections he's getting. Good luck. I hope this helps and that the treatment works well for you. Keep us posted.
Thanks TaxLady, I'm sorry I'm so long in posting. Actually, my husband got spoofed and cancelled the whole thing. Bone density and Zometa. Thank you for responding. There may come another time when he is open to it. Your information definitly helps. The internet is good, but I think testimonials are great for verifying what you learn.