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Kim and JanMarie, you two brought me back to the late 70's when I was in high school and lived in Venice, CA. I so remember going down to Santa Monica and along with what appeared to be hundreds of other people went grunion running. It was so much fun, but I'm sure the fish didn't find it so amusing....LOL. Thank you for the smile ladies.

Oh, Bud's head scan came back clean of mets. WOOOHOOO....whew! What a relief. The doc thinks his headaches are due to muscle tension resulting from the constant pain in his back due to the bone mets and his inability to sit or lay in more than one or two ways. Makes sense. Bud starts radiation treatments today, and I hope and pray that this will ease his pain. We don't sleep at all anymore it seems. The nights are the worst, when he has to lay down and hurt so much. I feel for you Kim and your Stan. It just breaks my heart to see him suffer so much. He said last night, he spiked at a 15 on the 1-10, Kim, have they tried infusions of Zometa with Stan?

Well, I need to get going. I have to go in early so I can take off for a couple of hours to go with Bud this morning. They are doing the "planning" today before treatment...I guess where they pinpoint the exact areas of treatment and mark him up. They said after today, the daily treatments (13-15) will only take about 15 minutes. Don't know about the usual chemo. They did another CT last Wed by mistake (bad orders) and shows his primary still stable and no new growth. So, at least, that's holding its own for the time being. Let's get the bone mets under control.

Love, pleace, prayers, and healing to you all....