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Hello All,
I am a 26 year old. I sadly now have osteoporosis (told borderline) after longterm use of prednisone for autoimmune disease.

Z score -2.53
T score - 2.27

Several years ago, I started Pamidronate infusions several years ago (Aredia), which I took every 3 months. But without much help, my new endocrinologist switched me to Zometa, which first year, I took just twice (6months between). Then, the second year, just once a year. This seems weird from all of the postings and articles I see, which seems to have it given every 3-4 weeks. I questioned my endocrinologist, who said that it was good for me to just do once a year. (Perhaps only for cancer patients, as I have lupus?) But she has also many times mixed up if I am on the Pamidronate or Zometa.

So, as I am way overdue for an infusion (it's been ~16+ months since), and speaking to my hematologist, she said that I should choose, if it is not clear with my endocrinologist.

Reading in these, Forteo seems to be accented by many of you, taking it for 2 years. In 2004, I believe, my endocrinologist was going to start me on it, but last minute withdrew it, finding newly findings of the possibility to cause cancer (seen in mice), and that I was too young at the time to risk it.

As treating osteoporosis is very, very important to me (I grew up as a gymnast/athlete), and a biphosphonate is needed according to my doctors, at least until my prednisone is lowered (been on it since almost 1993).

If choosing between Zometa and Pamidronate, may I have any recommendation/experience/thoughts, as well if neither, if you think Forteo or other methods.

I am petite, but eat healthy, exercise, and have been on too many medications through the years, and after having two Total Hip Replacements, with lack of physical movement, the osteoporosis finally dug in.

I am also thinking of finding a new endocrinologist who specializes more in osteoporosis.

Thanks so much in advance,