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Wow, PikaB!

Congrats-grats-grats! Reading your posting with results from Forteo is such great news. I have been thinking very hard of starting it. As I have a bad cold, last night I had to go to see my internal doctor, and also brought up (in my hoarse whisper) forteo along with the other Zometa (which I took 18 months ago and am overdue). She is also very interested in that, though said that she can't prescribe, so I have to bring it up again with my endocrinologist (who I am thinking of switching to one specializing in osteoporosis).

For the posted reesponse to the shot taking and skin suffering from the shots, well, that's another thing I am not fond of, giving shots, but I already take shots every night. (And I may be right that the Forteo needle is even thinner). But as I have antiphospholipids, I have to take life long Lovenex. I used to take it twice a day, but now gladly just once night, and yes, it hurts when I put it in, and yes, I havve little bruises all over my hips and quads from taking it. But though you are in your 60's it can't hurt you badly though. I live with it, and I am in my 20's with increased bruising and bleeding and scarring with thin skin.

Best Wishes,

p.s. PikaB, please keep us updated on that great news!