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I think I posted this a while back, but here goes again. Some of the bisphosphonates have a short half-life (just because it is effective for a long time does not mean that the drug, in its original form, stays in your system that long):
Bisphosphonate Estimated Half Life
A partial list
Boniva = 4.6-15.3 hrs for IV 2mg after 2 hrs (IV and Oral)
Boniva = 5 - 25.5 hrs for IV 4mg after 2 hrs (IV and Oral)
Bonefos = 13 hrs for IV (IV and Oral)
Aredia = 28 +/- hrs (IV and Oral)
Zometa = 146 hrs (IV)
Actonel = 480 hrs (Oral)
Fosamax = 10 years (Oral)

Zometa is zoledronic acid.

As you can see, the only bisphosphonate with a truly horrendous half life is Fosamax.