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My daddy was diagnosed with advanced metastasized prostate cancer a week
ago. He is 74. His PSA was 13.7 in February and now is 28. His Gleason was
5 and 4. (9). He has it on the ribs, hip and shoulder. He started Lupron and Casodex (sp) a week ago. To be checked in 3 more weeks to see if things have levelled out. I called his doctor to ask if a biophosphanate (sp) , specifically
Zometa, would benefit him. The doctor didn't think it was necessary because my dad is asymptomatic right now. He has only been really sick twice.
He had a heart attack and bypass surgery around 17 years ago, and had an
anuryerism (sp) 7 years ago.

What can we expect? We are hoping the hormone treatment will stop the tumors from spreading, but at this point in the progression, what will happen if the current treatment is not successful? He refuses to have chemo. I guess I am asking how long it might be before he starts having pain.