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Just stumbled in here and caught your post. I'm so sorry that there has been progression. You are the kindest person and well, gosh darn it, this shouldn't have happened! :mad:

JanMarie offers great advice. Livers are remarkable organs and can regenerate after a lot of trauma. (My Dad had liver cancer.) I know of two people who have done or are doing a type of direct infusion chemotherapy into their livers. One through an arterial(?) vein in the groin and the other actually had a pump installed inside of his body. The second fellow is done and it kicked butt big time on the liver mets. Pretty aggressive stuff.

I hope the new medicine does well for you. Are they putting you or are you taking bone strengtheners like Zometa? My husband had a few bone mets and chemo took care of them --poof! Gone! He takes Zometa too now.

Please keep us posted. Many hugs and prayers for you.
Hi pbj
They haven't told me anything about any chemo at all. Nor Zometa....what's that? Since they aren't for sure the bone things are mets, they'll have to do a bone scan first. I'm hoping its just changes from old age, the chemo, all the steroids they put me on, all that walking I was doing or anything, other than mets!
The liver mets??? Never heard anything about treating it with direct liver infusion. And I'm sure my doctor isn't thinking that. All he does iis keep telling me the cancer isn't curable. Maybe since it's lung cancer they just don't give a hoot.
I'm just discouraged right now.