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Hi EdwardB
Thank you for the encouragement. I am trying my best to not only beat this thing into submission, but cast it out into space where it can't hurt anyone else! LOL!
I can't say the test results were too good. I had sure hoped for better. The chemo isn't working so the tumors are growing, I have new lesions on my spine, and the brains MRI is tomorrow! Maybe one 1 of 3 will be good news!
But we'll see about a new chemo on Thursday and I have to make an appt with the radiation oncologist to see if they can zap these or not. If not, maybe a drug like zometa will be used.
All up in the air right now.
But I feel good, and my faith in the Lord is stronger than ever. I am so blessed.
I can't remember everyone here. Are you (hopefully not) a patient or caregiver of a patient with LC?
Be Blessed