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[QUOTE=jessinfrance;3214060]...His results came back today and the cancer has spread into his bones to his legs-rib's-head. He has to have an injection tomorrow to strengthen his bones to stop them from breaking and also have a zolodex injection. ... could he have day's week's months or years of life left ? ...Jessica x

I like AUS's recommendation of Dr. Myers' book. In it he gives several examples of men with far more advanced cancer than your dad's, yet they are now doing quite well.

Obviously, your dad has a challenging case. But he may respond very well to the Zometa, the drug I'm guessing he's on for his bones, though that is delivered by infusion rather than by injection. He needs to get extra vitamin D3 and calcium to support it. Zometa has significant activity in helping control and even reverse and sometimes eliminate bone metastases. Your dad should also have been told about a rare but serious side effect involving the jaw. There are some precautions to help avoid trouble.

There are other strategies, for instance the drug Leukine.

Bottom line there is hope. I'm thinking that with good treatment your dad will have years to live and a lot of good quality time. I especially liked Missy's comment.

Good luck,